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Beki Upham
Beki Upham Bio:

Hi, my name is Beki Upham and I am a pupil of Bishop Fox's School, Taunton, Somerset, UK, and 13 years old.

As part of an Extended Studies program in school, I decided to do something I love, and try to help people less fortunate than myself while doing it. Over the last couple of years I have been writing songs, learning the piano and singing, so I decided to use this somehow.

I decided on a song I have written and with the help of my dad and his home recording studio, decided on a tune and style. My dad then produced a backing track for me to sing along to, and recorded the vocals.

Many hours of stressed dad later, and the song was finished.

Deciding what to do with the song was quite hard. Finally, I decided to 'release' the song as a single and put all the proceeds to a charitable organisation. During my time in the school junior chamber of commerce we helped the Taunton Association for the Homeless set up a café in town, so because of the school ties with this organisation I decided that I would try to help the TAH help local homeless people.

My dad is going to organise a 'distribution deal' with a company his old band used to release an album a few years ago, which will put the single for sale as a download on Itunes, and about 15 other online music retailers. I will be contacting a few local shops to try to sell the CD singles from their counters in the next week, and speaking to as many local radio stations as possible such as BBC Somerset and Heart FM as well as speaking to local papers to get as much publicity for this as possible.

What I hope to achieve from this is to use as many skills that I have gained over the years to help people who are not in as fortunate a position as me, while gaining an insight into the music business.

My progress, good and bad, will be on a blog on my MySpace web site as a record of how I am doing, what is happening next and how I'm feeling about it all.

I am very excited about having a song available for download, and can't wait for the release date of February 1st 2011. I would love to get it out as soon as I can but there is a lot of work goes into all the publicity before a release, otherwise nobody would know about the song to download it, and that is not going to help anyone.

Thanks for reading this.

Beki Upham


for management contact Steve Upham

mobile 07882 830917

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