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Bazooka Joe

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Bazooka Joe
Bazooka Joe Bio:

Bazooka Joe are a (not your average) 4 piece skate punk band based in Nottingham England. The current line up have been going since the start of 2004.
“A band worth more than the sum of their NOFX influenced parts and then some” Mike Davies BBC Radio 1.
At times controversial in fact, how we haven’t been locked up for Royal slander or treason! is beyond me, checkout Prince Charles it wont disappoint.
Lets sum it up Bazooka Joe are a breath of contaminated air inhaled by the youth of today and they can’t get enough of it. Any band that can start the opening line of a song “Bitney Spears needs fisting” is on to a winner in my book “Lame Academy” You wont here it on the radio…

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