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Baku Llama

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Baku Llama
Baku Llama Bio:

BAKU LLAMA is : David Bernath-Guitars, Bass ... Ann Bernath- Vocals, Drums.... Rick Whitehurst-Keyboards Piano.

He protects me from my nightmares.

He cannot keep them from coming, for they are devious, soothing, like rain that starts gently, as if innocent, before becoming a downpour and revealing its true nature.

It is then when I cry out and he comes. The benevolent beast lures the dark, anguished shadows from my mind, wrestling them away and consuming them, freeing me to fight my way back to the light of day.


"Devour my Evil Dream" is the product of spur-of-the-moment musical conversations between percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, and keyboards over a period of several jam sessions. Dark and haunting in tracks like "Tragic Mask" and "Dream Eater," softer and gentler in tracks like "A Far Cry" and "After the Lullaby," the purely instrumental album evokes deep emotions and longing. Baku Llama's next album, "Eris," introduces vocal tracks to the mix.

Review by "MongoKnowsRecords" at "Baku Llama evokes deep ancient feelings with their album, 'Devour my Evil Dream'. I like it. I like it a lot. This is the kind of music that Jim Morrison would have grooved a tune to. Primal beats through electronic clouds of time in this pre-trance stream. No vocals here but the "Ungowa U" Singers would have fit right in. Some folks won't get it...others will. baku llama's music is a lesson in lengthening one's attention span, and if you catch the span here it will take you back to places you once had known and perhaps have now forgotten."

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Piano, guitar, Keys    

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