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Beast Wishes for 2023....

thanx to all fans for downloading my songs....

bites & kisses


rick supernatural....

First-time Free release of Club Beelzebub from my new album Serpents Of Lucifer....

New releases coming soon....

Video link to the song Rock & Roll Vampyre:

Video link to the song The Magic Cat

Link to Video: Puppets In a Freakshow:

best wishes for 2020....thanks for all the listens and downloads....also some cool new videos will be posted on youtube this year....I will make the urls available here....

again lots of love to all fans of Broomstick Witches....
more releases coming soon....full downloads....

bites and kisses.....rick supernatural....

love from Metamorf....xxxxoooo

growls from Psykogothikis....

cheers from Johnny Blackstone....

Best wishes to my fans of the darkside....

many thanx to all the FANS who listen to and download my songs....more new stuff commin soon....

LOVE.... from Broomstick Witches....XXXX

My name is Rick Super. I'm the creator and producer of the
gothic rockband Broomstick Witches. My band has been
rocking through many underground music sites since the
spring of 2002.

I mostly rock alone. I play guitars, electric and acoustic,
and also play keyboards and piano. I do all the vocals and
write and record all the songs. I use a drum machine sometimes for drum beats. In 2007 I used some drum trax that a drummer friend sent to me by e-mail. We had a good collaboration and completed three full length albums. I wrote and recorded all the songs in my own professional recording studio known as SuperBalance Studio.
I have four stage personae I use when I perform my songs.

1) Metamorf, a glitzy sleazy gothic glam creature from Andromeda.

2) Johnny Blackstone, a punkish rock and roll vampyre pirate.

3) Psykogothikis, a demonic death metal psychogothic rocker
who works for the devil.

4) Rick Supernatural, a magical mystical wizard who plays haunting dark romantic songs on keyboards and on guitars.

Since the spring of 2002 I have recorded seven full length studio albums in my own studio. I have also created many music videos which are available for viewing on some of my music sites. Many of my songs are available for free listening and downloading at about twenty internet underground music sites. Here is the Url to my most popular music site where you can listen to a good variety of my very unusual songs. Each one has its own unique personality which is expressed by the eccentricity of the persona who sings it.

Many of my songs have done well in the gothic rock charts at Some have been number one for weeks. All have been in the top ten. I've got a good collection of stats from my popular sites. My fans are mostly in USA and in Europe. I reckon about
anywhere from ten thousand to maybe thirty thousand avid gothic rock fans have listened to or downloaded many of my songs.

Broomstick Witches

johnny blackstone: vocals, keyboards, and guitars

a psychotic gothic rockstar :devil:

benny gooslin: drums on some trax....

:) :devil:

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link to video:

around and around we go like puppets in a freakshow....

"She Bleeds For Love" » Goth 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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song about love loss and loneliness....


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I am psychotic gothic rockstar

johnny blackstone, vocals & guitar
benny gooslin, drums


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psychedelic gothic rock

johnny blackstone, vocals and guitar
benny gooslin on drums