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Armin Bio:

Was born on February 18, 1953, Kamenets-Podolsky Hmelnitsky area. Composer, pop singer, producer of KAR-MEN group, director of studio of "Gaul" and "Alla". online radio
Honored artist of the Russian Federation (2004).
Studied at music school on a violin class, then in Tsaritsynsky regional musical school on a bass guitar class. In the 1971st year future singer and the composer arrived in the Moscow highest technical school of a name of Bauman which ended in the 1976th year on specialty «automation and mechanization of welding production».

In 1972-78 played in ensemble under control of Y.Antonov, L.Utesov's orchestra and Dzhaz-Ataka group. In the 1983rd year Arcady Ukupnik began composer activity of songs "Mountain ash beads" for Irina Ponarovskoy.

Popularity to it was brought by work with Larissa Dolinoy, Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., Christina Orbakaite. Wrote songs for Alla Pugacheva, Natalia Vetlitskoy, Tatyana Ovsiyenko. Now cooperates with Vlad Stashevsky, Vadim Kazachenko, Lyubov Uspenskoy, Mikhail Shufutinsky.