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Persistence, the word that describes Apocraphy the best. The band started in the later part of 2005 when we were sophomores in high school. Originally it started with Josh and Jacob as two guitarists with similar music interests and both were curious to see if they could add some music to the world. After a few measly practices they decided they should probably get a drummer considering most bands don’t go very far without one. They recruited a friend named Joey, who never played drums before, but had a drum set. After weeks of nagging and practically begging, he joined and they had the makings of a band. The last piece of the puzzle was a bass player and after many tryouts and possible candidates, one was decided on and his name was Kyle. Pretty much that was it, the band has been nonstop creating music since then, writing probably nearly 50 songs slowly advancing and revising our styles until what we have now. Many changes happened throughout the whole process and we will save you the details but it involved singer dilemmas, bass lineup changes, financial struggles but as of know the band is as strong and determined as it has ever been. The original lineup are the current members, the only difference being that the bass player had his named changed to Jyle to match the rest of the band(Josh,Joey,Jacob,Jyle). The next steps are quite clear, make our dreams a reality. We think we have created music that people will enjoy and we think we deserve the chance to share it. The only uncertain thing is our genre. We have thought of what genre we could be put under and honestly one single genre doesn’t seem to apply. We have a very diverse playing style and is clearly demonstrated in our writing. With probably 50 shows under our belts, in the past 2 years, we are looking forward to an opportunity to display our abilities. We aren’t here to sign contracts and let our music go to waste, but rather hoping the next step in our careers allows us to keep doing what we love to do and hopefully gain respect in the ever-changing musical community.

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