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Andy Durand

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Andy Durand
Andy Durand Bio:

I fell in love with music in Tucson, AZ at the age of seven. And have been doing my best to share my Music with everyone, everywhere that life and my songs will take me. Right now the line up is: " Andy Durand "Lead Guitar,lead vocals. " Willy Crayton", Drums & Vocals... "Mark Samudio" Bass ... And I'v just finished a 68 City, town, & Collage tour Doing unplugged shows that went off very well i might say.. Sold my 20.000th cdr unreleased "within two years" And finished a movie sound track for a film called "Five Thousand Meters- nothing comes easy" A film by Negative Split Pictures. An international release." THANKS TO UNSIGNED BAND WEB" "Wolf Gang" is Back in demand and I'm Looking to use some diffrent players for this next round of slightly more aggressive music then the last C.D. I am Auditioning drummers and bass players as we speak. "Sorry about the delay" I'v Just finished up the material. for the next Andy Durand & Wolf Gang C.D. And I have been getting alot of Great reviews, and offers For a U.K. - Europe tour with some names I'm sure you've heard of. I Have had The "HONOR" to have play with alot of my Heros , and influences as a session player, and singer songwriter. And all of this has made for a pretty large international inspiring fan base that keeps my Indie butt smilling large. I thank God for my gift, and my fans for thier Patience, and loyalty. I am only as good as the people that listen to my music. They will always be first, and foremost, to me.
Music is a brotherhood, Not a sport. So lend a hand , When and wherever you can, and please enjoy the songs that are being presented on This site. Sign the guestbook and let us know what ya think of this free living, Free Spirited, Rock & Roll outfit I'v oppropriatly named "WolfGang" AndyDurand ....... make sure to also check out my other web site.... Thanx ! -

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