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Alex Alchemy

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Alex Alchemy
Alex Alchemy Bio:

Alex Alchemy began may 2006 as a twin band to Racoons which was melancholic pop, but Alex Alchemy won the schizofrenic battle. The first demo "Use" were recorded at The Inbreed Factory between may '06 and June '06 and nothing more were supposed to happen, right after the recording Alex Alchemy did a soundtrack to the low-budget horror movie "Kymlinge", and that was the end of the line. But in December '06 the second demo "From Russia With Love" was recorded down in Malmö, Sweden. The third demo "The World Is Of Flowers, was recorded in January '07 and contains the future of Alex Alchemy. Alex Alchemy contains of one member: Alex Alchemy. He is the mastermind behind this abomination called Alex Alchemy... And who knows: If I aim for world domination I might even be famous in my apartment block! Enjoy...

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