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Adam Certamen Bownik

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Adam Certamen Bownik
Adam Certamen Bownik Bio:

was born in Lublin, 18.10.1972. I work as an assistant adjunct professor (PhD) at the University in Lublin, the Department of Physiology and Toxicology. I began to be interested in electronic music when I was as a child and listened to the hits composed by Marek Biliński, Vangelis and Jarre but only music of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze firmely turned me to this kind of music. Analog synthesizers were very expesive in the 80's so I could not afford to buy cheap equipment. In the past (1990-1994) I played the drums and was a vocalist in a death metal band 'Certamen'. We did many concerts and I found much pleasure being a member of the band. The most interesting event was a charity concert in 1993. All things that remain after that gig are these photos and a video tape.

Fortunately, after the time the members of the band did not want to play any more, development of computer and digital technology lowered the prize of synthesizers a lot and that allowed me to buy my first syntesizer Roland Alpha Juno-1 ;)

At present I am using the following equipment:
Korg MS - 2000B
ARP Explorer I
Yamaha S30 (Master keyboard)
Yamaha CS1x
Roland JV-1010
Roland Alpha Juno-1
Wersi Entertainer
Interface: Terratec Phase 26, E-mu 0404

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There are 2 main rules I obey in composing. 1. The patch should be of original sound not copied from the best TD albums ;). Synthesizers are instruments of a great varety of sounds to obtain so I have no reason to play with sounds that are indeed great but well known. 2. Apart from a good synth patch a melody line must be included in the composition. Some moments without melody could be be beneficial or even required but should not be the essential part of a composition. Mostly, I convert to sounds things which are on my mind at a time but somethimes I have a full vision of my composition with defined mood, dynamics, patches. It is very inspiring for me to have a title of a song or the main problem connected with sound and notes that I create. Creation of electronic music is a hobby for me, it is a good means to retain my psychic balance and spend free time with pleasure, it is also a good psychotherapy, a possibility to go deeply into myself and simultaneously reach the boundaries of the Universe

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