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Aaron Fletcher

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Aaron Fletcher
Aaron Fletcher Bio:

Born June 22, 1988. I loved music since I was a small child. I didnít realize I had a gift until the age of 12. I first sang in my high school gospel choir. I loved it, it helped me build my confidence, range, and made my relationship with God stronger than what it was. I sing in the Kent State University Gospel Choir, and I love it! I told God that if he wanted me to sing then I needed him to show me a sign...and sure enough he did. Within the next few weeks I was in the studio. I love what I do. I do this because I want to and I believe this is what God wants me to do. This is my choice, and as an artist I promise to deliver quality that you can throw in 20-50yrs from now, sit back, and *sigh*. You will see my name in lights. You will remember me. Iím not going anywhere. Stay tuned!

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