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Aaliyah Schaden

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Aaliyah Schaden
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Special Release for the 2010 Cannabis Cup.
Sometimes, the cannabis is wrapped into a cob while still moist. These cobs are then wrapped in goatskin (or manure or soil) and buried underground for several months. This creates an altered cannabinoid profile, and gives them an unusual black colour. These cobs, rather than being called Malawi Gold, are known as Malawi Black (or Black Magic), and they produce a more psychedelic effect.
Chernobyl grows best outdoors in a warm sunny environment. Harvest will be around October and growers can expect 14 ounces of prime Sativa weed per plant.
So I was to put it lightly chomping at the bit to get my seeds, so I ordered some from like 6 different stores. Had yet to receive my other seeds but these guys and gals up at seed supreme are on their game. I can honestly say I won–Ęt be using anyone but Seed supreme from now on -m@r.
2nd week flowering - stretching but still no pistils.
When a seed is formed by a plant, it is the result of pollen fertilizing an egg (ovule). Whether the resulting seed comes true, that is, produces plants identical to the plant that it was harvested from, depends on whether it is outcrossed , inbred , or hybrid . These three options determine whether the two sets of genes (one from the pollen and one from the ovule) are likely to be identical or very different Bushweedo.