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That was confusing... I thought that I posted my song, "Inertia Pit", already, and I was gonna' post an addition that I wrote for it, but I discovered I never posted it.

Anyway, I wrote this one about a month ago, and it's about the stagnancy of my current status. I can't find a job, and I desperately want one so I can actually begin to live more.

Also, about a week ago, I was practicing how I sing this song, and afterwards I ended up getting an idea in my head, for a very light, and emotional, intro to "Inertia Pit". The intro is very short, I like it, and I gave it a seperate title- "Squirm". It's another very similar take on this subject, and it's based, somewhat, around the song it preceeds. I give you, the lyrics to both...


Am I... ever gonna' make it?
Losing patience, squirming in the pit.
-Wondering, "Am I worthless?"
Need to leave the hole...

I wonder... when...-

When will I, overcome?
When will I, leap... out?
When will I, leave this all, behind...?
When will I...
Move....., again...?

(End Intro)

"Inertia Pit"

It feels like, I can't,
do anything at all, on my own.
It's like the build-up in a water line.
I'm stuck in time. -Don't understand why,
the sand grains
are failing to fall, now...

I cannot help it,
but to feel paralyzed.

I want to move.
It seems my legs have gone, limp...
I'm in the middle, of a crowd.
I see their forward motion,
and jealousy engulfs me.
I'm at a stand-still.

Can I escape this?

I'm just fine, but these plans
are stuck, I'm stalled, and the stones
are thrown at me, by those far ahead in line.
Don't ask me the time; my watch is broken.
I watch the hands spin
violently. I could fall down.

I cannot help it. My life has wandered off,
as I still feel paralyzed.

(Chorus- runs through twice)

(Bridge- interlude, no words)

It feels like,
my legs are lifeless now.
This isn't my fault,
or anyone, elses.
I'm gonna move again.
You'll see me walking, in time,
on my own and in stride.
-in stride.

I'll walk on my own,
in due time.


I hope you all enjoyed these. "Squirm" always makes me very emotional when I practice it, but those emotions seem to make "Inertia Pit" sound better, when I sing it right after. Thanks for reading this.

Cheers and a smile, All!

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