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These lyrics, that I wrote, are slightly funny to me, because they seem like they could be interpreted to have a meaning that is centered around a one night stand. The actual meaning of it is based upon the transition of my personality, my attitude, and many other things. I tried to write using personification, like I was meeting "the new me." These are the lyrics:

"Strangest Acquaintance"

It's nice to meet you...,

But I must say,
this is a strange acquaintance.
You're greatly different.
You're oh so unique.

Great companion,
it's my pleasure-

to welcome you in.
Just make yourself at home.
I never
to know someone like you.
Now I can feel your soul.
I'm better
with your acquaintance.

Nice to meet you.

I must say,
this is quite mysterious.
It feels significant.
You're oh so appealing.



(Interlude to go here)

You are provocative, and
You have, immense potential.
You are, peculiar. It's-
so nice to meet you.

This is truly a strange acquaintance.
It may be the strangest one
that I've ever had.



It's nice to meet you.


There ya go. See...! If it were possible for some guy to write a song about a girl, while he was unknowingly partaking in a one night stand, this song could be that type of song! Laughing (Joking)

Even though I'm talking humorously about what I've written, it does have some mild emotion put into it. I hope you all liked it.

Cheers and a smile, All!

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