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Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 5:30 pm Reply with quote

Walking thru the valley of my soul I see a stranger with nowhere left to go.
He cries out, but its a song that no one knows.
It's called confusion, so he's left there all alone.
Do you see him? I believe you know his name.
His voice is anger, but his heart is filled with pain.
Do you trust him? There's a cold dark look in his eyes.
Is it sorrow, or a well thought out disguise?
Pain is all he brings to me. He feeds upon my fears.
He needs the grief within my heart. He grows stronger as I shed tears.
Franticly I search for solutions to this pain.
Sarcasticly he laughs for my efforts are all in vain.
All my life I've searched for him to show him what he's done.
Now all my dreams are shot to hell for I've found out WE ARE ONE.
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These are REALLY well done...

I like the 'valley of my soul' verse, really nice.

The lyrics also doesn't completely spell out what they are about, which add's a bit of mystery. Again, I like that.....

Thanks for sharing, hope to read more from you!!!!
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