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#1 Unsigned Artist Alum Phaix
Alum Phaix (Seattle, Washington)
  Plays: 115
  Influences: Eno
  Members: Elads & TAR
Artist info

The Alum Phaix... Bio: Welcome 2 the origin of "Robot Rock". Robot Rock has been dancing in the electronic scene for 30 years now, and is finally out with his debut music being played by two minions under the name of... The Alum Phaix. The...

#2 Mike Lance
Mike Lance (Ontario, Canada)
  Plays: 373 | Saves: 771
  Influences: The National, ...And You...
Artist info

A.k.A. Multiple Mike, one half of Minions . These are some of my solo recordings.

#3 Unsigned Artist The Deefons
The Deefons (Kirkland Lake)
  Plays: 3899 | Saves: 11001
  Influences: punk rock, geek rock, 90s...
  Members: Shane Willard, YeTI, Tyler...
Artist info

Once upon the late 1990s, before the internet made the world a smaller place, in the isolation of a tiny mining town called Kirkland Lake, a group of kids got together and called themselves The Deefons. Shane came from ...