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pete miserendino - Jazz - CT
Finger-style, guitarist Pete Miserendino plays classic popular songs from a wide range of eras All renditions are performed with Petes unique finger-style arrangements which are an amazing melding of bass, rhythm and lead lines In listening to Petes...
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Raymond Rice - Jazz - 

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Ron Bowdery - Jazz - New Eltham London/Kent borders
BOTH I PAUL BRICE WILL BE GUESTS ON THE DELL RICHARDSON SHOW ON THE LEGENDARY RADIO CAROLINE ON MAY 19TH 6-PM TO 9-PM, I have music included in a film called A horse with no name and there...
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Victor McClain - Jazz - Marietta GA
Victor is a multi-talented musician, singer, song writer, and producer but his main instruments are the wood windssaxes, clarinets and flutesHis career started at an early age while he was still in Jr High School, middle school playing his first...
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FLOHISM - Jazz - Akron, Ohio
FLOHISM IS:Anthony Watters - GuitarDavid Rookard - KeyboardsHowie Carbaugh - DrumsClint Walton - BassStan Davis - Saxophone Victor Head - TromboneHarmonica
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Slim Fatz - Jazz - Panama City, FL
The hookup has been made Delta Blues artist SLIM FATZ and legendary music producer Neal James have teamed up to produce the new SLIM FATZ cd album titled: The Original Slim Closing your eyes it is as if you have stepped back into the modern past ...
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Simon Bell - Jazz - Turkey

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joseph alan fears - Jazz - Salina, Kansas USA
Born On 1957 In Hastings, NebraskaMoved At Age 11 To Start A Band From 1971 Untill 2009 Joseph Alan FearsBMI Has Been Performing Live In Concert,Festivals,Nightclubs recording Releasing Songs On His Own LabelJAFF RECORDSUSA Presently Performing ...
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SDSaxMan - Jazz - 

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Kevin Brown - Jazz - 
pKevin Brown: Saxophonist Born: 3171956 High School: Clairton High, Clairton, Pa College: Berklee School of Music, boston, Mass Kevin Brown started playing the clarinet at age 7, then switched to the saxophone at age 9 Kevin then went on to a...
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Esoterica - Jazz - Philadelphia
my Zen my Love my AreteHear more crap at:http:sitesgooglecomsiteartesotericahome
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Stefan K - Jazz - NYC
bcolorgreensize19Artist Summarysizecolor bGenres: Jazz Fusion Experimentalbcolorgreensize19Artist Biosizecolor bStefan K started to study music when he was just 5 years old At first Stefan was playing piano Later, at the age of 9, he started to...
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Svetlana - Jazz - Novosibirsk, Russia

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Fine Tunes - Jazz - Australia
Career commenced in 1955 in MelbourneMark has celebrated his golden anniversary in jazzThe full story of this jazz composer-entertainer can be seen at:-http:wwwcdbabycomwhitty4
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Splendorjazzlounge - Jazz - Wijnjewoude
All for music
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Filip Gavranovic - Jazz - 
Filip Gavranovic started playing classical guitar when he was nine Then, 2003 in a high school he discovered music of Pat Metheny Soon after he bought electric guitar and started to play jazz For next three years he played many concerts in Podgorica...
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Blue Jar - Jazz - Belfast N.Ireland
Blue Jar combines the panache of Grappelli with Gypsy flamboyance, yet balances this passion with a dreamy, atmospheric classical sound The group has played throughout Europe and Africa and continue to play in festivals throughout England and...
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Jes�s Brea - Jazz - Caracas, Venezuela

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PlayingWithApes - Jazz - Leeds / Birmingham
The Band Has Been Going Early 2004 Tom SingerGutaristWent To Leeds Uni And LeeSingerGuitarist And DiddyDrums Have Been Back In Birmingham Working Hard On New MaterialTom Still Coming Back Home Once Month We Decided That We Will Be Based In Leeds We...
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Anthony Baglino - Jazz - Neptune Beach
Fine artist and saxophonist, Anthony Baglino, continues to explore new media by fusing his fine art with fusion jazz Samples of his art and music can be found at wwwthunderpathcom Anthony Baglino was born in Miami Beach where he developed his...
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Second Generation - Jazz - Sussex, UK
The majority of our members have been involved with or marched within drum corps units both from the UK and the US, with large proportion of these players living around the south of England and especially within the Surrey and Sussex areasSecond...
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Jon Dalton - Jazz - Costa Mesa CA:
One of the most successful artists working in Chill-Jazz today The Gift reached 1 on CIM jazz radio and tunes from the album have been played on BBC TV, The Weather Channel and countless broadcast and Internet radio staions
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Philos60 - Jazz - Bergheim/Germany
PROFILEimghttp:wwwphilos60dePhilos60PassauJPGimgPHILOS60 a German artist: already as teenager I discovered the ability on the mandoline and then on the guitar and the keyboard of own melodies compositions to play and in addition singing vocalistic...
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Joey Stuckey - Jazz - 
Senate RecordsPO Box 13526Macon, GA 31208478 742-7956jennifersenaterecordscomJOEY STUCKEYJoey Stuckey is a blind musician with an insightful visionJoey Stuckey is a blind guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio personality,...
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small change - Jazz - Slovakia
Small Change is a band from Slovak Republic playing a mix of funky, jazz, blues, pop etc In the end of January 2006 the band recorded its first 12 track demo with these songs:1 outlaw anthem2 4pm3 seesaw4 crocodile5 bloody passion6 jazz in the...
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PC Sam - Jazz - Slovenia ~ Logatec
PCSam is a producer, songwriter and musician from Logatec in Slovenija He is a drummer, and have played drums for many years in many interesting different bands, playing Pop, Rock, Funky, Blues, Swing and Jazz PC Sam also play rhythm guitar and...
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Dihelson Mendonca - Jazz - Crato, Brazil
Dihelson Mendonca is a well-known Pianist, arranger, and Composer from Brazil He is considered by many experts as one of the greatest artists of the new generation from Brazil His wide repertoire, along with his incredible virtuosity ranging from...
www.unsignedbandweb.com/Dihelson_Mendonca - Last Update: October 26th, 2006 - 10:13 PM

DS3 - Jazz - Texas
The OpeningHere you will find a musician Basically Bassist who wishes to release the purity of positive ness feelings of happiness, purity of the heart, and magic as well as pull the dark tones of loneliness, hurt, disappointment, from his heart,...
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Vladimir Galaktionov - Jazz - 
Vladimir Galaktionov was born on January 12, 1968 1988 - Studied in Gnesyns musical college in Moscow1992-93 - Soloist of a State jazz orchestra by Oleg Lundstrem 1993 - Soloist of jazz orchestra by Georgy Garanyan Since 1998 - soloist, lead trumpet...
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Danny Weis - Jazz - Toronto, Ontario
DANNY WEISRaised in San Diego, California, Danny was taught guitar by his father Johnny, a well known country jazz guitarist who performed with many Grand Ole Opry stars including Johnny Cash and Tex Ritter At their home, legendary jazz guitar great...
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Cascadu - Jazz - Bronx, New York USA
Cascadu weaves a web of interconnectedness among musical styles from Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil, and subtly blends elements of Jazz to produce an exhilirating and enchanting sound Cool Caribbean Jazz This is the music and this is the...
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Celine Berman & Jazztrack - Jazz - Charlotte, North Carolina USA
Originally from Montral, Canada, vocalist Cline Berman stepped out onto the Charlotte, NC music scene with the launch of her band, Jazztrack, in August 1996Cline studied with Patty Coker, a prominent improvisation educator in Knoxville, TN As quoted...
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JOURNEYS - Jazz - Zurich, Switzerland
If you are into catchy melodies, rich harmonies, driving grooves and exciting solos Journeys and their new CD Different Places is for you This new promising Quintet from Switzerland , with their unique blend of various styles takes you on a...
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